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Financial Network

Creating Synergy amongst the Hanwha Financial Network

·Korea Life Insurance ·Hanwha Non-Life Insurance → Hanwha Securities ·Direct & Indirect Financing → Hanwha Venture Capital· Incl. Investment Venture Capital → Hanwha Investment Trust Management → Creating Financial Network with Hanwha Investment&Securities in the lead

As a member of the Hanwha Financial Network, Hanwha Investment&Securities is well positioned through its close-knit cooperation whit its other financial affiliates within the Hanwha Group.
  1. 1. Korea Life Insurance

    Korea Life Insurance was established as Korea’s first life insurer in 1945. Today, it continues to perform as one of the very best life insureus in the industry, constantly elevating its performance goals and results.

  2. 2. Hanwha Investment Trust Management

    Hanwha Investment Trust Management is an asset management firm which applies advanced financial analysis methods to identify the optimum investment opportunities. The firm realizes a steady excess return ratio through its long-term investments based on changes in potential value.

  3. 3. Hanwha Non-Life Insurance

    Hanwha Non-Life Insurance began as Shindongah Fire & Marine Insurance in 1946 and joined the Hanwha Group in December 2002, (the same year as Korea Life Insurance). Currently, its domestic sales network encompasses 5 regional Headquarters, 16 regional offices and 67 branches, while its compensation organization consists of 7 customer service centers and 31 customer service teams.

  4. 4. Hanwha Venture Capital

    Hanwha Venture Capital was established in 2000 to nurture startups and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) with promising business models and innovative technology, but lacking the capital and management capabilities to pursue their business plans.

Hanwha Finance Plaza : Innovative concept of retail channel

Hanwha Finance Plaza is a financial complex that delivers convenient services through the group’s three key financial affiliates: Korea Life Insurance, Hanwha Investment & Securities and Hanwha Non-Life Insurance. Customers are provided with one-stop service convenience, offering a full portfolio op products, including insurance, stock brokerage, trust funds, loans, deposits & financial advisory services, all in one locatin. More than 70 branches are planned to be established this year.

Hanwha Finance Plaza

  • Korea Life Insurance
  • Hanwha Investment&Securities
  • Hanwha Non-Life Insurance